Code Diplomatique 1962-2017

Service d'Information Code Diplomatique & Consulaire (SICDC)

By commitment to the Accredited Corps of the Sovereign Nations and International Trade and Commerce

Application for Membership - Advantages and Insignia

As Recommended Establishment in the CODE DIPLOMATIQUE & CONSULAIRE you are entitled to a personal membership and hence, throughout the period of your listing, to the quality of "Membre du Service d'Information Code Diplomatique & Consulaire". This title will serve you as an introduction to the select universe of world statesmen, diplomats, business executives, members of the independant professions, academicians and scientists who favour international exchange on an informal inter-professional basis in order to address current, past and future issues in our ever more global society. Across acquired personal relations and recurrent gatherings in entertaining and relaxing circumstances, our members improve their understanding and assure that their influence on the highest political and economical level is maintained. As head of an important commercial establishment, recommendable to the readership of the Code Diplomatique & Consulaire, your membership is precious. Our affiliated enterprises are published in the recommendation section of the manual which includes brand names, leading hotels, restaurants, reputed enterprises, as well as contract information from the financial and economic community. The CODE DIPLOMATIQUE & CONSULAIRE is used by ministries, authorities, embassies, chambers of commerce and important persons of political and economic affiliation.

To apply for membership and publication please send an email to: or click on contact

The privileges of being affiliated to Service d'Information Code Diplomatique & Consulaire (SICDC) are:

1) We are publishing recommendations of the affiliated enterprises in our directory “CODE DIPLOMATIQUE & CONSULAIRE”.


2) A Legitimation confirming to the general public the adherence and thus the prestige of the enterprise. 
This Legitimation is delivered on request and under special conditions depending on the duration of membership and the annual fee.


3) 2 oval CD stickers, 17 x 11 cm, to indicate that you belong to the select circle of recommended companies;
1 enamel oval emblem approx. 28 x 19 cm (on request);

CD pin 4) A CD pin (on request)
Stickers 5) The right of printing our CD-logo, a registered trademark, on business cards, stationary and advertising pamphlets as an additional quality reference: 
Member of Service d'Information Code Diplomatique & Consulaire